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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

My 2 favorite spaces to organize:

  • THE CATCH-ALL THAT SPACE YOU AVOID ENTERING: It’s part of your home, and it could be a useful living space, but the only thing living there is the pile of out-of-use and unremembered items. You might as well be paying for an extra-large storage unit for all the good the space is doing you. You peek in when you need to drop another pile, bag, or box, then quickly close the door with a shudder.

  • THE SPACE THAT YOU DREAD USING EVERY DAY: You must use it, and it should be one of the most functional rooms in your home, but nothing there is easy, and it doesn’t feel right, no matter what you try. The tension of facing the mess wears thin your patience, your joy, and your relationships as you scramble to get through another chaotic day.



BP: Our entrance way was a disaster . . .

Hooks and shelves, and coats, boots, and scarves were a total disarray.  After the competent design of Reese McBride Professional Organizing our entrance way took a gigantic step forward.  There is a place for coats, shelves have coordinated boxes for storage, there is a bookshelf for last minute items and lighting. Shoes and boots have a new resting place on mats with rocks and that really does rock! But best of all there is an artistic touch: framed outline destinations of places where those we love, reside.  When they visit us, they are greeting with a visual touch of how much they mean to us and how happy we are they have come to visit us. Thank you, RMPO!

EH: Attics can be scary spots . . .

It is so easy to put stuff there that you plan to deal with later.  Therese rescued my attic from chaos. Boxes, clothing, fans, suitcases and odds and ends had taken a life of their own in our attic and it was scary to realize just how much territory they had claimed.  Therese has a knack to make chaos orderly and it worked in our attic. She also provided a written map so that when something needed to be retrieved I knew which side of the attic the item was stored. Our attic is not scary anymore, it is a place of orderly storage.


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YOU: I can’t wait to earn your referral!

Reese McBride Professional Organizing is committed to serving your needs. My intention is to leave you overjoyed with my work. I offer both in-home and virtual organizing services, to reach you wherever you are. I’d love to tell you more of what RMPO is all about, and hope you’ll contact me soon to get started.